#WE1833(3) =A Long-Lasting, Fast-Drying Textile=


No.80/2 count cotton yarn class: This long-lasting performance and fast-drying textile has the same thickness as chino pants.

It dries fast and is also stretchy.
There are many products in the world which can stretch. But don’t you find that the fabric stretches out over time?

We did another experiment alongside the experiment of washing the fabric 50 times. We compared pants that were worn for 3 years to a pair of new pants.

Will these pants really remain in their original form even after wearing them for many years? Let’s find out!



*Incidentally, these pants use the usual #WE1833 in standard finish.
This fabric is used in our uniform, therefore worn almost every day.

Here are the pants that have been worn as uniform for 3 years and the new pair of pants.
One pair has some wrinkles because the wearer was just sitting in them. Besides that, no apparent damage can be seen.

Let’s hang them up.

It doesn’t look like the fabric has overstretched at all!
It also doesn’t look like these pants have been worn for 3 years!


Allow us to explain why this textile is a long-lasting performance.

Normal stretch fabric use a material called “polyurethane”.

Polyurethane starts to lose its stretch property as it is worn and washed, making it hard for the fabric to return to its original shape.

(Have you ever seen white fiber sticking out from underwear made with polyurethane? This is clear proof that its elasticity has decreased.)

Polyurethane is a delicate material; it is weak against water, ultraviolet rays, and changes in temperature and humidity. Deterioration continues even when it is not worn; it is known as a material with a short product life.

But #WE1833 is 100% polyester fabric.

Polyester is not stretch material. However, it is possible to have the Stretch properties in woven up fabrics with the combination of yarn and Weaving structure.

Our #WE1833 will stand with almost no deterioration for long time uses: thus, the deasticity also maintains with no change.

On the top of that, #WE1833 has high grade wear-resistant function;#WE1833 has high grade wear-resistant function; the Surface appearance of this fabric will maintain almost as initial situation.


Let’s zoom in.

Can you tell these two pants apart?
As you can see, they look almost the same.

In other words, this fabric will not deteriorate even if worn and washed a lot.

This truly is a long-lasting performance textile.

It is the secret behind being able to wear them for a long time without losing their shape.


This long-lasting performance and fast-drying textile can dry indoors within 3 hours. It doesn’t lose its shape even after wearing them for years. This truly is the best partner for clothes as it can be worn for a long time.


Art #:WE1833