We are
the professional manufacturer
specialized in “Long-Lasting”
performance textiles.

For your favorite clothes lasting long.

Our “Noto Quality” consists only the materials stand against consumable deterioration of fabric functions causing from uses and aging.
All of “Noto Quality” articles are super “Long-Lasting” materials.

__Only one word, “Long-lasting”

It solves usersʼ underlying stress in the daily lives.

These our Noto Quality clothes will be the best partners of them through
daily wearing, we believe.

Again, we are the professional manufactures of function textiles providing
long-lasting for usersʼ favorite clothes.


    Clothes made of our “Noto Quality STRETCH” achieve the comfortable movements in actions by excellent stretch function, also to maintain the initial condition when bought for long time by outstanding kick-back function.


    Clothes made of our “Noto Quality LIGHT” provide to users comfortable good-fit in wearing from the function that, lighter than copy-paper in weight and over 25 times strength in tearing than that.

  • DRY

    Clothes made of our “Noto Quality DRY” can make it possible to wear in the morning after washed and hang-dry in the room before bed-time. Our “Noto Quality DRY” will naturally dry up in three hours after washing by home laundering & spin dry.


    Clothes made of our “Noto Quality WINDBREAK” are the perfect protection wears against cold. The reason are is “Noto Quality WINDBREAK” fabrics are woven up per maximum tight construction, which keeps out the cold wind.

We had prepared all the technical
reports of these Long-Lasting functions
of our all “Noto Quality” articles.